Monday, November 8, 2010

Twisting Tails

Twirling Tails (Magic Puppy)Twirling Tails by Sue Bentley

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There are seven different books of Magic Puppy and Twirling Tails is the seventh. On the back of each book shows the books of Magic Puppy.

The puppy in Twirling Tails had its name as Storm and his real self was just a silver wolf. He's going to become the leader of the Moon-Claw pack. The evil Shadow wants to become the leader and he's using his evil magic on normal dogs, but you can tell them from ordinary dogs because they've got pale eyes and extra sharp teeth.

I am going to get more Magic Puppy books from the library. The first one I'm going to get is going to be School of Mischief.

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  1. Oh Marcus, what a cute puppy on the cover! Sounds like a good series.